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Heeeeeeey! [ Ah, it's the cheerful voice of one of Luceti's two airbenders. ] Okay, I don't really know what's going on entirely with, um, whatever...

[ The library thing, all she knows is that Loki made it so they can get books again??? And stuff??? And Grandpa and Katara might be mad? ANYWAY WHO CARES ABOUT THAT as long as she can get to the books and take them home to read Ikki's interest in the matter is precisely zero. ]

But I've been practicing something pretty cool! Oh, before that, it's been a while, weekend's one of the art club meetings and I guess I haven't really told people to come in a while, so you should come next time. I want to have the meeting outside and to go to, I dunno, the lake or something to paint pictures of it! Raven, what do you think? But either way, whatever we do, let's go outside. It's almost summer. Summer's the best time of the year, 'cause it's all warm. Katara's birthday is in summer, too. And a lot of other birthdays...actually, almost every July and stuff there's just a bunch of parties, right? I like those, 'cause then I can have cake at each of the parties. More people should have parties...or get married. Well, I've only really been to one wedding.

[ ...Wait, she had a point. Didn't she have a point? ]

Oh! Oh, right. I just wanted to say that I learned to do something cool. Well, I say I, but it's something Soren and I have been working on for EONS. [ By eons she means about ten months. Which is pretty close to eons... ] Anyway. We can do it pretty well now for a while, but I'll just show you a little bit.

[ Though it requires propping her journal up and stepping back. She produces a few odd-looking balls from her vest; "Soren", the Swellow still her care, is nearby. Ikki tosses the balls into the air, and then sends up a breeze, and as the two meet, there are chimes. A second later, Soren gently sends up a slash of air of his own; while technically she should probably have maybe spent ten months training him to like, hit stuff hard, Ikki is at heart an airbender and so she apparently spent around ten months getting her Pokemon pal to control his air attacks to the point they...don't...destroy something? Really, the fact that her entire culture is based on pacifism probably should have made this a forseeable outcome, although this is also more a game than anything else, and one that both the young girl and the bird Pokemon are apparently both fairly invested in.

Yes, that is an excellent use of their time...

The chimes happen again. It appears that the two can make the balls chime and whistle when they toss them on the breezes; depending on how they hit and how strong the air is, the chimes and whistles change as they toss them back and forth, keeping them afloat and trying to get certain tunes and pitches from them.

After a second or two, it becomes clear they're actually playing out a sort of song, albeit in whistles and chimes. Ikki isn't singing, because she's clearly concentrating on getting the pitches right and making sure the chimes and whistles only happen when instruments ought to be playing, and they mess up once or twice with too much or too little length given to their makeshift notes or getting a pitch wrong, but...they mostly get out the tune of a song from home, passing the odd musical balls back and forth on breezes between them. When they reach the end of the short song, Ikki catches the balls one by one, and preforms a silly little bow to the journal, while Soren...does the same. They are giant hams. ]

See??? I got these for my birthday last year, so we've been trying to work on it since then whenever, well. Stuff isn't happening. We haven't learned a lot of songs on them though 'cause it takes forever to figure out how to do it together, and it's more fun to do it together than alone. [ But hey, at least it keeps her out of trouble and gets her working on her control! ...Without anyone explicitly telling her to do it or try it, either, which is a probably a plus. ] Anyway, that was pretty much it, so I'll just go now.

[ Though she can still be found playing with the hollow, musical balls and her Pokemon partner, in the yard of House 56. They're really just messing around for the sake of it while accidentally training in airbending control as a side effect. Mostly they are just messing around because that is what they Do as a rule. ]
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Hiiiiiiiii everyone! [ It's true that a lot of the people Ikki knows have been going home lately, including her Uncle and dear friends, but the face in the picture is a smiling one. Her cheeks are pretty red, though, and so is her nose. From the looks of things, Ikki's outside, despite the heavy snow.

Or, well, being eight? Probably because of it. She's at least dressed very warmly, with a knit hat over her hair, and a scarf, and earmuffs, and gloves, and boots...Well, basically she's as bundled as can be. In the background, Soren can be seen on the porch of House 56. He...apparently isn't as thrilled as she is about the change of pace.

There's also a few misshapen snowmen, but this isn't about that. ]

Hi, New Feathers, too! Hey, didn't we just have those, though? Isn't it a little early...? Or I guess a little late?

[ Also she doesn't really mind, since new people are always fun. ]

Actually, I wanted to just invite everyone to the Art Club meeting this Sunday. Last year, we made cookies, right? Well...this year, I know more about Christmas!! [ There's a pause, and she tugs on her scarf, looking worried. ] Um...I really hope those elves don't show up again. ...They were kinda weird, and I think mine took some of my stickers...

...Oh, right! But anyway, so I think it would be super fun to make ornaments and stuff. Or, well, if you wanna make someone else a present, you can do that too. If you don't know what that is still - not presents, 'cause EVERYONE knows what those are, but I mean Christmas - basically on the twenty-fifth you give presents to people you love!! Also there's something about Santa and there are creepy elves, except I guess the elves aren't SUPPOSED to be creepy, they just kinda are. They watched you sleep and everything.

[ Apparently she's...not letting that go. ]

But, the meeting'll be pretty much all day on Sunday, at the School like usual. Everyone can come, even if they're not a member. It'd be fun to all decorate a tree together, right? We'll have cookies and stuff too. Oh, and...since Rapunzel's gone, Raven's going to be the co-leader now. [ That's actually said in a more serious tone. ]

That's what Rapunzel wanted, and it's also what I want, too! ...okay, well, I think that's it. Right now I have to build more snow stuff. I want to build an igloo and then I'm going to live in it.

[ the chances of this actually happening are pretty slim. Well, she'll try to build one, but like she'd be allowed to live in it... least this will keep her busy for a few hours. If anyone cares to see her progress, they can always drop by and find her industriously trying to build herself a home. Soren will look extremely displeased with being outdoors the whole time. ]
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[ Welcome to a clearing a little ways away from House 56. This is the Airbending Gates clearing, and they're sort of visible in the background. There's a few trees, too, and the one nearest Ikki has Soren in it. Ikki's sitting crosslegged, a box on the ground in front of her. Her journal's propped up against something - a rock? It's just not clear - to leave her hands free.

After she's sure the thing is on, she grins. ]

Hey! This is Ikki! I'd say you know that already but you might not because I don't know everyone and anyway it's New Feather season so there are probably lots of people I don't know. I guess those people don't have to listen to this because I dunno if they'd care although I'll answer questions if they want? Oh, not that ANYONE has to listen to this but I mean I know I listen to things that look most interesting to me and this might not look like that to some people. [ As always, this is all in one breath. Her mile-a-minute chatter has yet to change. ]

Anyway! Guess what?? Tomorrow? Is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL ...Not that I mind school, Sifu Raine, Sifu Layton! But that means every day I'll be free! Well except in mornings with grandpa and then sometimes with Rapunzel and Lee and the art club and you know everything else I do but it's still pretty great! I think I'm allowed to be excited about it because that's what you DO when school gets out, right? I mean I never went to a proper one at home because I learned from Daddy at the Island but I talked to some of the kids from the City and I think that's what you do. Oh, and the day after tomorrow is Katara's birthday, which is also pretty exciting! Everyone should say hello to her then, okay?

[ Another pause for breath. Surprisingly, she does actually have to breathe. ...Today is a year since arrival, and apparently that means... ] Today I'm going to share something special with you all. [ That's said as though she's telling a secret, although this isn't at all filtered. ] The secret is inside this box! This box was something Katara and I got, last year. A long time ago! Inside it are very, very special things! Normally I don't show ANYONE it, because that's how you keep secrets, but I'll show you all today. These are my treasures!

...That is, I'll show you if you ask! And then, if you ask, I'll tell you about one of my treasures that you get to see. You have to pick one! And if you pick the RIGHT one, I'll give you a present. [ Because apparently this is a game? Yes, that seems to be the case. ] If you don't get it right, then you don't get a prize!

Oh, and if you're new and listened to all that, you should drop by the school on the fourteenth, 'cause that's the next Art Club meeting and we're always recruiting!

[ Ikki can be contacted about her treasures either in person near the gates or via video. GOOD LUCK, anyone who wants to play guessing games with seven year old children. ]
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[ Ikki is actually unpossessed, so when she appears in the journals it is with her usual pale yellow wings, standard Luceti-sized issue, and a smile, standard Ikki-sized issue. While she's well aware something is going on by this point - it would be hard to miss that fact - Ikki seems perfectly content ignoring that fact for the time being. Experiments are experiments, and the most that has happened to her as a result is being roped into more pranks with her grandfather, which takes no convincing at all.

But she has business to attend to, so. ]

Hey! I have a question! Not about whatever's happening but: who all is planning to do booths at the fair? Remember, it's the fifth to the twelfth next month! So it's - ummm. Five or six days away, tops. There's definitely still time to start a booth, I think!!

I want to learn more about everyone's worlds. Oh, Bolin and Asami and I are making something really exciting, too! I won't tell you here 'cause it'd spoil the surprise, but everyone should DEFINITELY come to our booth!!!

...Also I want big wings like everyone else, this is so not fair. [ Huffing, but she's not too bothered in actuality. Ikki will just close this out, now.

She can be found and spoken to around her usual routes: outside the Avatar house, in the town square, in the playground, near the's never hard to track down Ikki. Soren is typically in tow or nearby, as per her usual standards.

She can also be found in the air, for those testing their new wings - although Ikki has to use a glider and/or Soren to stay aloft. Ikki's more than happy to offer advice on how to best utilize air currents to stay aloft, and may shout advice unwarranted. ]
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locked action for aang pre-post )

[ video; ]
[ Hey, Luceti! Here is a cheerful airbender. Specifically here is the smaller cheerful airbender, since differentiation is needed. Ikki’s beaming widely, and is clearly excited about something or another - and of course she can’t hold it in for long. ] Heeeeeeeey everyone! This is Ikki, and I have the BEST news! Hiccup finished a project for me, and that is...this! [ She’s swinging the journal around to show everyone the airbending gates. Ikki will hold the journal there for a while, to give a good look, before turning it back around. ]

These are airbending gates! I asked Hiccup to make them for grandpa. They’re a training tool, and they’re my favorite training tool! They’re super fun! Annnnd because they’re super fun - or just ‘cause people ask me about airbending sometimes, and it’s easier to show than tell - other people are definitely allowed to use them! You need airbending or air magic to get ‘em going properly, but anyone can try to make it through them. It takes quick feet and skill and trusting yourself!!

Oh, I didn’t explain. By "making it through" I mean this! Graaaaaandpa!

[And Aang pops up with one of the brightest grins on his face.] The air gates are the most fun thing ever! Well, at least next to air-ball. But everyone should try it! Now watch this!

[He sends a light breeze at the Gates to get them moving and starts going through them in the background of the video while Ikki continues to talk.]

See? You can’t touch any of the gates when you go through, and if you don’t follow the current, you’ll get knocked straight out! Grandpa’s obviously not gonna show that part ‘cause he’s a MASTER, but! We’re probably gonna be here all day, and if any of you wanna try, we can set them off for you. Soooooo anyone who wants to try can come over! They’re not located toooo far from our house. Or if you just wanna see them, you can come over too.

Oh! But you CAN’T ruin them!!!! If you burn them down or something I’ll be REALLY angry!!!! They’re important air nomad treasures! [ Not that she’s naming any names KORRA. And with that she’ll end her little PSA. Video replies may come from either of them. ]

[ action; open to all; ]
[ And true to their word, the airbenders of Luceti can be found at the airbending gates, taking turns going through them - or setting them spinning for anyone who wants to give it a go themselves. Or just talking to anyone drawn in by the spectacle. Talk to Aang while Ikki takes a turn, Ikki when Aang’s going through, or both of them at the same time as they break or discuss the last run-through. Tags with both of them will go You > Ikki > Aang. ]
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[ FILTERED FROM RAPUNZEL! Admittedly easy to hack (maybe 10% locked) but it's Rapunzel so. ]

[ Greetings, Luceti. Ikki's as loud as ever. ] HEY, ART CLUB. This is an important message, so listen up! ...And everyone else, too, if you know Rapunzel! This is a S - E - C - R - E - T, so no telling her anything that's mentioned in here, or else! [ This is said with a lot of drama, although the faux-serious expression dissolves into giggles easily enough. ]

So! Rapunzel's birthday is on the 5th! And as all the art club members know, our meeting is normally on the second Sunday of each month, but...we're having it on the 3rd! BUT, you can't tell Rapunzel! And here's why!

Rapunzel told my grandpa a story about lanterns. She said that in her world, every year on her birthday, lots and lots of paper lanterns were released into the sky - and that she had always wanted to see that in person. So, we though maybe we could try to make that happen! And we need your help to do that! We're gonna need people to keep her ABSOLUTELY busy and away from the school on the 3rd, so she doesn't catch on, and then people to keep her busy when we set up for the 5th, and of course we need people to help us make lanterns!! Even if everyone only makes one, that'd still be lots! If you come on the 3rd - same place as always! - we'll show you how to make lanterns, and we'll make lots. But you can make them on your own, too, if you know how!

The plan is to set 'em off on the night of her birthday, 'cause they'll have little flames in 'em and they're going to be super pretty, like tooooooons of little stars so it'll make it like we're all in the sky!!! And hopefully she'll like it a lot!! No one can say ANYTHING until we release them, though. We're going to tell her right off that there's a party on the 5th, but the lanterns are secret!! Okay?? We're going to have a signal for when and EVERYTHING.

And if you TELL, I'll set GRANDPA on you, so there.

Now who wants to help out?
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[ Ikki's 99.9% certain this new feather season isn't when it should be, but she's not going to complain about new people to talk to! That would be silly. She's going to go about her usual activities, i.e. airbending practice, school, training with Soren, and playing around at the fountain, the bakery (her pal Rapunzel works there, and she likes baked goods okay), or the playground.

She's extremely easy to flag down, and will happily talk to pretty much everyone with very few exceptions. She will also offer tours around Luceti to anyone remotely lost looking.

Beware how much she talks once you get her going, though. ]
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[ This goes up fairly soon after Ikki's up and about; she's outside of the house, Soren in some of the shots, perched on top of Sokka's giant stone head. She's looking up at him for a second, the tail end of a comment caught before she glances back at her journal. ] - anyway, so it shouldn't take that long!

[ Oh, whoops. Ikki offers up a bright smile; this clearly isn't going to be about anything melancholy. Which is a change, considering her last two entries have been about people leaving. ] Hi, everyone! I have a few things to talk about, if you're not all too busy? I know there's lots of stuff going on because of Earth holidays...but this is kinda related to that! And if you don't celebrate any Earth holidays, this also involves you! Or if you like cookies, make sure you listen to all of this!!! And if you don't like cookies I dunno what's wrong with you, really. Cookies are DELICIOUS and the frosted kind are DOUBLE DELICIOUS.

Anyway, as a lot of you know Rapunzel and I run the art club, which is really super fun and has the best members ever so you should think about joining if you haven't already! We are having a meeting tomorrow, but it's just gonna be me there, 'cause Rapunzel's got a cold. Oh, but don't worry!! She's doing okay, she just needs rest. So if any members wanna come early to help me an' grandpa set up, that'd be super duper great! Also, we're still accepting pictures for Albert's calendar thing 'till the end of the month, so if you have any, please give 'em to me later!

We're also having a meeting the sixteenth, but it'll be at the bakery! And if you're not a member you should still listen up!! Since Rapunzel runs the bakery now, we've been thinking that maybe it could be fun to do something there - and we've been reading up on the whole Christmas thing, and cookies are involved, right?

So! On the sixteenth - that's a Sunday! - you can come into the bakery anytime you like and we'll have loads of different kinds of cookies in all kinds of shapes waiting to be frosted and decorated! You don't have to be a member to come in, and there'll be plenty for anyone who wants to join in the fun, so as long as you like cookies or even just like decorating 'em for other people, please stop by!! And if you wanna help make the cookies, we're working on that the fifteenth and throughout the day then, so.

I know not everyone's from the places with Christmas - I'm not - so if there's a holiday you celebrate around this time of year, when it starts to snow? Let us know if there's any sorts of animals or shapes or things that are important to your holidays! We'll try to make sure there're cookies in those shapes, 'kay? Or even if you just have a favourite shape or something, let me know here! I'll add it to a list and we'll work on it.

Aaaaand I think that's everything. Right? [ That's directed at Soren, who gives a bird-shrug back; Ikki's been chattering pretty fast and cheerfully, and she seems to have hit all the points she'd wanted to hit, so. ] 'Kay! Anyway, I'll end this here. Thanks for listening!
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[Video; this is the day after the tornado!]
[ Early on in the day, Ikki finally gets around to something she’s been putting off: notifying the people who haven’t heard or guessed about Chien going home. She’s more or less been hoping it might not be needed - maybe he’d come back! ...And okay, that didn’t seem likely, but maybe - and otherwise has been kept hopping from one activity to the next with the addition of pokemon training to her already busy social and educational schedule.

But she’s come to terms with the fact that she’s Soren’s trainer now, and maybe that’s something she should commit to on this level, too. She and Soren are hanging out on the front porch of House 56, as Ikki prepares to leave for the first of her daily activities. ]

Hi! This is Ikki - and Soren! He’s a Pokemon - a flying Pokemon! - and also a swellow, which is the sort of Pokemon he is. Um, the thing is - those of you who know Soren, you know he used to be partners with a boy named Chien. [ Here she takes a breath, for once, and Soren sort of chirps encouragingly. ] ...Chien went home a little while ago. I...should have said something sooner, but I’m saying it now! And anyone who is friends with Soren can come and see him at House 56, which is where he lives now! With me and everyone else!

And everyone who was friends with Chien - I’m pretty certain he missed his brothers, so at least we can be happy he gets to see them again, right? [ She. Doesn’t know anything else about his future, so she’ll leave it at that, ending the video note and going on into her daily lessons, one of which includes...]

[Joint Action Post with [personal profile] generalflirt from here]
[Masaomi and Ikki are at the Battle Dome today. They were not able to get to training yesterday (tornado and all, even if it wasn’t that serious) but today they’re at it! ...After they found a room. After all there’s only six rooms and lots of people use this place, so before they actually get in a room, you might catch the two people with both of their pokemon sitting on a bench, perhaps with Masaomi getting up to get them things in the vending machine.

Or you might catch them in the room - from the viewing area or you could just walk in if you wanted. In the room, you might encounter such scenes as Ikki being asked to identify mankeys in trees while there’s a jungle full of loud noises around them. Or perhaps Ikki and Soren being asked to pacify or corral a swarm of stampeding heracross into a specific area in an open field. Or, maybe, you’ll encounter the pair in a foggy valley, where there are haunters around, and they need to find three golden eggs as quickly as they can while being harassed by haunters. There’s also, of course, a chance you will see them battling. Likely opponents include lombres, ledybas, mankeys, poochyenas, sandshrews, dugtrios, and zubats. Though others might be there too, simulations or opponents.

Alternatively, you might see Masaomi do some personal training, with Ikki also in the room assigned to watch and see if she can learn anything. There won’t be as much of this, but you can see Linda facing off against gyarados, gengars, murkrows, croconaws, and other species too.

You can also run into them in between simulations! Between the different ones Masaomi will need to step out and reprogram the room to fit new settings, so they’ll be around in that capacity too! Choose your own adventure with the seven year old, the teenager mentor she has, the large fighting bird, and Masaomi’s electric mouse. ]

[OOC Note: Because the thread where Ikki gets Soren was back on the 4th, logistically a lot of people (the Dex Holders, Shikamaru, Ikki’s housemates, etc) would have known about Ikki and Masaomi training before now. If you want to past-date a thread during a day prior to today either with both of them or one-on-one with either of them, just put that in the subject header.

All other action replies are assumed to be joint and dated to today. Video would be just Ikki]
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[ Since this is a little more serious than her usual ramblings, the video feed is treated to a suitably serious-looking Ikki. She doesn't seem sad, exactly, since she's 100% certain both of the people she's going to talk about are okay (...well, one more than the other, since she has the benefit of history in one scenario), but other members of her family are probably feeling the losses more, and she's admittedly going to miss people something fierce. ]

Hi! This is Ikki. ...Well, I know some of you know that, but! Don't shut this off yet, 'cause I have news. That news is that two people in my family went home around the same time the rest of us lost all our memories, and so I'm supposed to let you know! [ She'd volunteered, anyway. ]

Asami was from my time, and she wasn't here all that long - um, she arrived a little after me, at Katara's birthday? - but I'm sure she met looooooots of you and you all got to know how cool she was! She's one of the people who went home, but she was from my time, an' I know that when she gets back she'll be happy, although probably reaaaaaaaaally busy, 'cause I think she's kinda in charge of all the Sato stuff now what with her dad being a little bit evil an' stuff. Also the being in jail part!

Uncle Zuko probably knew more of you, 'cause he was here longer, an' he also went home. But I can tell you that he's going to be very happy! ...Well, actually, I think he probably has to go through some stuff at the beginning but that's all settled and then he gets to have a daughter and retire and travel the world doing diplomacy and visiting people and trying out tea and stuff! He's really old when I'm from but apparently he still does all that, so there's nothing to worry about! He has over seventy years of lots and lots of happy. So it's okay! Although he's probably all wrinkled now. Or not? I guess not 'cause HE went back to when he was his age, not when he was the age he's SUPPOSED to be, so he's not wrinkled YET except when I'm from he probably IS - [ THIS TANGENT IS GOING NOWHERE FAST. Also it hurts her head. Ikki waves it off. ]

So, for those of you who knew them, that's what happened. Um, if you want to talk or need cheering up, I can try that!

[ That serious work done - although she got a little chipper talking about their futures, evil fathers and all - Ikki grins suddenly. ]

Oh! An' thanks to everyone who helped me look around about Petunia when I thought all that prince stuff. Um, just so you don't worry, he's actually not cursed! He's just a starfish! I think? I mean, Katara got him from Mr. Jack, and I'm pretty certain he's not actually anyone cursed into being a starfish, but is just a starfish.
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[ Strange. Definitely very strange. Ikki knew the room, because it was hers, but it wasn't right. Things weren't there, or were cleaned away, and although she searched around for it, she couldn't find her box or her clothes or even her sister. No matter how hard she tried to think about it, she couldn't really make things mesh in her head.

...Oh well! Humming softly to herself, Ikki opens the journal, going to her favourite setting - video. She doesn't look overly worried, although she's more or less baffled - she fully expects someone will find her and explain things, or at least tell her where to go. ]

Jinoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! D'you have my things? Or does someone else? 'Cause I can't find 'em. Or you, so I'm using this, although I dunno the chances of you reading this book instead of another book. [ Pouting. It would be so much easier if her sister weren't constantly buried in books. At least there's a very good chance some of her other family members will see this. At least, that's the entire plan - so far as Ikki plans anything. ]

Y'know, I could have really important news and you'd miss it 'cause I can't find you! I mean, I don't. I think. I mean, I guess I sorta do, but not ACTUALLY and if you'd read this you'd probably KNOW it already. I mean, I can probably think of some! But anyway my POINT is that now I'm gonna have to run over to the library 'cause that's probably where you are, and if you aren't I'm basically gonna have to run around everywhere instead 'cause maybe you decided to go sit and read on a bench but how do I know if you did, you know? And it's not like I know all the little places you could be or might be 'cause I'm not totally sure about that right now and anyway this is a bigger area to check than usual which is ANNOYING 'cause I don't know where you are for SURE and you might not be where I think you are and you might not even be where I don't think you are, and that gets CONFUSING.

[ Apparently that was all on one breath, because she has to pause to take another, still gesturing vaguely with her hands. ] Or! I guess I'll go check for my clothes first, 'cause the dress is nice an' all but at least that'd be some of my things down, I guess? An' that's on the way anyway, so I guess that works! But! If you're not here, then you might be there? I mean, 'cause where else would you sleep? [ She's not even really talking to her sister any longer, if she ever was. Hrm. ] 'Kay! So I'll go get my clothes, and then go back and check if you're at the other house. [ Aaaand that's a wrap. Video function ended. Feel free to hit her up in journals/on the path of House 58 > shops > House 56, if you want. ]

[ And post picking up her clothing, Ikki wanders back to her second household - which was the first, a little while back - to locate any of the relatives she hadn't managed to find to begin with. She does not actually knock on the door, but will just go inside and track down anyone who is there. And also probably take an apple or something to eat. ]
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Hi! This is Ikki. I'm writing this time. Since people keep asking about mommy and daddy, I drew pictures. And then some of people here who I met and my family here!

Cut for drawings! )

Also I got a swim suit and an apple and candy and soda and a room in our house, and it's the best best best best house ever!
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[ Oh hey what's this thing WHAT DO THESE BUTTONS DO to the surprise of no one from Tenzin!family Ikki hits all of them successfully entering voice post mode through 'but what does this button do?' interest. OH HEY IT'S DOING SOMETHING. DEEP BREATH, and then: ]

What's a voice post is this a phone wait where are the phone bits? HEY where's my family they were here five seconds ago DADDY MOMMY JINORA MEELO ROHAN OOGI ARE YOU AROUND wow this thing is so cool looking is it mine to keep forever and ever? Can I name it? Does it do anything fun? This is the coolest book EVER I want to keep it can I? Jinora will be so jealous I have the cool book!

Can I have juice? I want juice. Leechi juice! Oh oh oh is it lunchtime yet?

[ wait, there was something important. What was it? ] OH RIGHT [ SHOUTING, obviously ] THIS IS NOT OOGI'S BACK how did I get here where is here is there food why do I have WINGS I don't need WINGS to fly, I just need a glider - wait where's my glider? [ pause ] Oh there're my clothes that's good IS THIS AN ISLAND? Did we land? Did I sleep through landing? Why didn't someone wake me up?

Hey, how many trees are there here? Can I count them? MOMMY I'M GOING TO COUNT TREES I'LL BE BACK LATER if you're here hey where'd everyone go? Did you guys go on a family trip WITHOUT me? Did everyone go back to Air Temple Island? Is this the Earth Kingdom? I don't get it. Who changed my clothes? Why did my clothes change? Can I keep my new clothes? Why'd I grow wings AM I SUPPOSED TO GO ON A MAGICAL JOURNEY? Oh oh oh can I CAN I that sounds FUN!

OOOH WHAT'S THAT. [ that is a fountain; splashing comes after Ikki's voice trails off. Ikki's just gonna go splash around in that for a bit, the journal thing just got boring unless it does something else. Her attention span is terrific, right? It turns out an airbender kid in a fountain can make super big splashes, sorry if you're around that, whoops. ]


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